Birddogging - Posted by angela

Posted by Todd (AZ) on November 19, 2006 at 16:11:14:


I would be careful about openly advertising for birddogging, in many
states birddogging is actually breaking the real estate laws unless you
are a licensed agent. Many investors don’t realize this, but most states
specify that you must be a licensed agent or broker to receive
compensation for referring such as birddogging (guess who made that
rule up? - agents).

However, that doesn’t mean that people don’t do it anyway. It’s a bs
law that is rarely ever enforced, but I would just be careful about how
you advertise for it if you do. I would advertise that you are looking to
be an apprentice or a gopher for an experienced investor. A much
better way to go as far as birddogging, would be to check out your
local real estate investment clubs. Check the index right here in
CREOnline, you will see a tab for “Real Estate Clubs”. You can also
search on the internet. Go to the clubs, talk to investors there, make
up inexpensive business cards with your name and contact info on
them, and hand them out to people there telling them you are a
birddog and would like to talk to them about what they are looking for
and what their needs are.

Go to the foreclosure sales on the courthouse steps in your city, and
introduce yourself to investors there who are buying houses. There are
lots of ways to get the word out.

Best of luck!


Birddogging - Posted by angela

Posted by angela on November 19, 2006 at 08:54:24:

I am interested in doing birddog work. what do i need to do first and how do i advertise for this type of venture also are there any investors that are really interested in a birddogger. I don’t feel as though i am ready to wholesale, but i hope to work my way into it because at this time i am not financially secure to do a deal if the investor changes their mind. i know there is a weasel out clause but at this time i am not willing to take the risk.

thank you
Angela from Philly