Best days to advertise..... - Posted by scott_fl

Posted by Dan Stra on August 30, 2001 at 15:54:09:

It does seem like Steve-Atl has a good point. Not putting rent to own may leave more doors open for you.

But sometimes having a specific is good. The specific might get one or two more calls, might not.

It may be 50/50. A lot will depend on how confident you are in your own ability to learn what the callers true position is as well as your ability to move them into a situation that may be better for you/them.

I am glad that Steve-Atl reaffirmed running the ad continuously. I think that is best.-DS

Best days to advertise… - Posted by scott_fl

Posted by scott_fl on August 30, 2001 at 15:24:15:

Hey everyone, I got my first deal, “Subject to” even, and I need to advertise. I am going with the

RENT TO OWN a nice
2bd/1bth + 1bd/1bth apt
Call xxx-xxxx.

If anyone has had a better ad, let me know.
Also Which days in the paper are better. Monday through Sunday or the 3 day weekend run? $116 vs. $40

Any advice would be appreciated.


The best days to advertise - Posted by Jim Pasquini

Posted by Jim Pasquini on August 30, 2001 at 21:40:06:

are days that end in Y.

Re: Best days to advertise… - Posted by Jim FL

Posted by Jim FL on August 30, 2001 at 21:30:56:

Run the ad every day.
The most calls will come in from the weekend ad, but they will be calling on Monday nights, and tues-thurs.
I run ads somewhat like yours, and to move a house faster, I’ll often run more than one.
I’ll place this ad in the for rent section;
Nice 2bd/1ba
Low down

Then I’ll run an ad in the Homes for sale section like this:
Nice 2bd/1ba-Area
Low down

This way those folks looking to rent because they just got denied a mortgage can see your ad in both places.

If you need to stick with one ad, go with either one, and place it in the “Homes for sale” section.
You want the potential T/B’er to have a buyers mentality over a renters mentality.

Jim FL

Re: Best days to advertise… - Posted by Carey_PA

Posted by Carey_PA on August 30, 2001 at 15:53:37:


I run an ad similar to yours EVERYDAY.

I also list the monthly payment. i.e. $1000/mo (that way people that can only afford $800/mo won’t call me, etc.)

Also, in reference to what Steve said about NOT putting rent to own in there because of down payment, I really don’t think the words “rent to own” will prevent someone from telling you how much they have down.

I don’t give an amount that they HAVE to have, I let them tell me what they have available to put down.

So far though, I’ve been too picky and I haven’t found anyone to put into this house lol


Re: Best days to advertise… - Posted by Dan Stra

Posted by Dan Stra on August 30, 2001 at 15:50:19:

When to advertise has something to do with how quickly you NEED an ROI. If you need something right away then you cannot afford to miss anyone so go with a longer term. If you can hold out and just want to save money then I find that Friday-Monday gets me the most calls.

A lot of people will call on Monday but will call from the Monday paper. It the ad dies on Sunday they may have wanted to call it but won’t have the Mon edition to remind them.

Always remember that it is best to not be penny wise and dollar foolish. If you have a lot of money to gain but the add is only $116.00 then do the longer ad.

BTW-I would put the “RENT TO OWN” part first and make the rest in proper case. The rent to own part will grab them and they will surely read the No Bank part no matter how small.

I used to be in advertising and the one thing I learned that is that if someone is looking for something, they will see even a tiny ad on a larger page. Funny how the brain works. I would also suggest that you put your first and maybe last name in the ad. Doing so will add sincereity to the ad and will tell the person that this is a human being they are dealing wtih and not some faceless corporation. It also starts the relationship off nicer when they can call you and ask for you by name.

I hope that my insights prove helpful to you.

All the best,

Dan Stra

Re: Best days to advertise… - Posted by Steve-Atl

Posted by Steve-Atl on August 30, 2001 at 15:43:51:

I use an ad similar to yours, except I don’t say rent to own in the ad; just no banks required. The reason is that I want buyers to tell me how much they have to put down. If they have limited down payment, I push them to lease option…if they have at least 10% down, I’ll be willing to give them owner financing under an agreement for deed. The more down, the better deal they get.

Also, I run the ad continuously until I have a buyer. Sometimes that’s one weekend, other times its longer. I don’t believe only on weekends works well because you never know when a qualified buyer will look at the paper. Time is money when you are holding a property. I’d be interested how others answer this question.

Good Luck!

Also, I get more calls monday thru thursday… - Posted by Carey_PA

Posted by Carey_PA on August 30, 2001 at 15:55:22:

than any other day.