avoiding PS 1583 - Posted by James Buster

Posted by Nate(DC) on May 05, 2003 at 24:23:49:

Surely you could use some sort of mail-forwarding service that doesn’t constitute a “mailbox”. Aren’t you in Nevada? All the corporation service companies out there provide such a service.


avoiding PS 1583 - Posted by James Buster

Posted by James Buster on May 01, 2003 at 23:41:06:

Otherwise known as the Postal Service Initiative to Eliminate Privacy and Competition. You must fill out a form PS 1583 when using any public or private mailbox, and must offer both a picture id with “a number easily traceable to the individual”, almost certainly your SSN, and a second id verifying your personal address. In addition, all additional addressees must also present id and fill out a PS 1583, so you can’t use a straw box owner anymore. I expect the Postal Service records on these disclosures to be as easily available as other PO box records are. Just because I’m not willing to bare myself to the world doesn’t mean I’m evil. Our government’s drive to stamp out privacy and our liberal media’s fetish for “full disclosure” of one’s private life seem to be made for each other. So what alternatives do I have to such services while maintaining privacy?