Austin, TX and Carleton Sheets - Posted by James L.

Posted by steph intex on August 23, 1999 at 08:15:45:

hey james! i’m in austin and you are right–it is a tough market–BUT–there are deals to be done. the problem we face now is that the market is so hot, that just about anyone–yes ANYONE–can sell their home in 30- 45 days. the upshot is that we live in a city riddled with folks that are being tranfered at a rate that is almost double anywhere else. these folks need to do something now. many feel they don’t have enough equity to sell with a realtor–that’s just it–they FEEL that way. but as we all know the market is so hot here that you practically build equity the day you buy.
bottom line is–yes–you’re right-the market is tough right now—BUT–if you persist–you will find the deals and you can make $$. Good luck my friend. email me if i can help you in anyway. have you been to Wealth Builders? investor meetings every 1st and 3rd tuesdays of the month, at the chairiot inn on ih35.
peace in REI

Austin, TX and Carleton Sheets - Posted by James L.

Posted by James L. on August 02, 1999 at 08:27:11:

I just bought the Carleton Sheets course and really like it. However, I am concerned about the market I live in. Austin Real Estate is BOOMING right now and several of my friends who are in the business told me that it would be almost impossible to build equity, keep the propoerty up and generate cash flow at the same time. If anyone from Austin reads this, I would appreciate your input. Can this be done here?

Re: Austin, TX and Carleton Sheets - Posted by Jason

Posted by Jason on August 10, 2002 at 17:02:38:

Hey, James I was wondering if you have started anything since you purchased Carleton’s program. Was wondering what type of business you’ve had and are you making any money. I also live in Austin, TX and was thinking about purchasing the program. Please let me know anything you can. I would appreciate it, and if everything is going well maybe we can work something out and do this together. Talk with you soon I hope.

Re: Austin, TX and Carleton Sheets - Posted by Ramsey R. Smith

Posted by Ramsey R. Smith on October 06, 1999 at 13:04:44:

Work the “just be transferred out of town” FSBO sellers that are in a rush. Line up a REI lawyer that will write you a “rent to own” TX contract. Put a ad in the paper that you are willing to pay more than the asking price (for the right terms). If you insist on using a RE Broker use Harriet Houston w/ Better Homes and Gardens she worked very well with me. Don’t tell her about your FSBO add and sharpen up on your selling skills (Zig Ziglar). Do not buy without a good inspection from a pro (have one lined up) practice your presentation to the seller with your girl friend playing the part of Sally Seller.