Are My Fears Justified? - Posted by essbee

Posted by Jack-NY on July 04, 2000 at 23:45:34:

I suggest that you read all the “how-to articles”, “success stories” and continue to ask questions here and read all the post. If and when you locate something of interest, you can then do a search and read. There are over 100,000 post available for the reading.

In starting out as a new investor I would sugggest looking toward the mobile home business, or locating fixer-uppers and “flipping” to other investors/contractors. You could also become a “bird-dog” for other investors in your local area, where your on the lookout for certin types of properties that your investors are interested in. The investor would then pay you an agreed amount of money for your time and effort. I would strongly suggest that you purchase a course or two from this web site to further your investing education. Hope this gives you a general idea on how to start.


Are My Fears Justified? - Posted by essbee

Posted by essbee on July 04, 2000 at 21:23:51:

Hi I have been studying RE inv over the last month or so. I am ready to do some type of activity although still not at all comfortable with my knowledge. Thanks to this website I feel I have some support. My main concern or fear that I have is buying some property and getting stuck with it, such as not being able to sell it thereby forcing me to contact a realtor. I could possible consider renting but dont want to be a landlord, I have a relative who went thru 1 headache after another with rentors, although I am sort of intersted in room rental (anyone know of books or tapes on that)?
Are my fears justified on getting stuck with something I cant sell until it becomes a monetary drain, any tricks or techniques for avoiding that?

Re: Are My Fears Justified? - Posted by Doug Pretorius

Posted by Doug Pretorius on July 05, 2000 at 17:15:15:

Remember, talking to sellers and making offers is a far cry from getting stuck with an unsalable property. Don’t worry about what you’re going to do with a property until you have a signed contract in your hand. With your weasel clause(s) in there you have nothing to fear.

You will never know enough to feel comfortable, you just have to go out and do it. You’ll be surprised how much you already know. Studying is good but it doesn’t make you any money, so get out there and make things happen!