Anyone in AZ that does Sub2 or L/O?? - Posted by Kristy-AZ

Posted by Heather -Tx on June 12, 2003 at 09:54:56:


I have this same problem it seems. I have given leads to several other investors for properties that they do, and I don’t. I don’t mind Sub2, but I’m not into L/O myself until I Build more capital. I called the We buy houses ads and talked to or left msg’s and only a handful get back to me. I think there must be alot of newbies (NOT a bad thing!I myself am one!) that get afraid to return the calls or something.
I know when someone calls ME with a lead they got, I immediately pick up the phone after getting off with them, to call the sellers, and start looking up Comps and check on the taxes ect ect.
I have found 3 investors so far now though after alot of trial and error that I KNOW Will call the sellers back. One even had a contract on the property the next day. And you can bet those 3 will get the calls first the next time.


Anyone in AZ that does Sub2 or L/O?? - Posted by Kristy-AZ

Posted by Kristy-AZ on June 12, 2003 at 03:01:07:

I am looking for a few investors I can refer leads to.
I get calls from my ads and I don’t like to do many Sub-2 or L/O option deals.

I have gotten the leads and refered them to other investors who don’t bother to follow up till a few days later!! By this time, the leads are upset and have gone elsewhere to look for someone to buy their house.

I don’t know how some of these people stay in business. Personally when I need to talk to someone, I want to talk with them NOW, not 3 or 5 days from now.

When these sellers call me, I ANSWER my phone! I get their info and do some research and I explain I will call them back or one of my associates will get back to them. (if it sounds like a sub2 or L/O deal) I’ve called some other investors and given them the info, they said it sounded good, then took forever to get back to the sellers. I need someone who will call the sellers back that same day!!

I did a test on Monday and called several ads in the paper of Rent to Own, We Buy Houses and Owner Will Carry. Of the 10 numbers I called ONE actually answered their phone. 6 were voice mails or answering machines, 2 were answering services and one was disconnected! Of those 1 got back to me later in the evening ( I had called in the morning) 2 got back to me the following day and the rest still have not returned my phone call. When I originally called I left a message stating that I was calling about thier ad in the paper.

I need someone who wants Sub2 or L/O leads that will actually CALL these sellers back! So if you are serious, then please contact me. I get the leads and would like to refer them out. Most of the time I don’t even ask for a referal fee, just take care of the sellers is all I ask!


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Posted by Steve-AZ on June 13, 2003 at 21:53:03:

Where are you at in AZ? I’m a newbie with LeGrand’s L/O course. I’m in Phoenix and looking to get started in the near future. E-mail me direct if it might work for you.

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Posted by B.L.Renfrow on June 12, 2003 at 12:22:23:

I am a long way from AZ, but I wonder if you’re being a little too tough on some of those other investors.

I fully agree that not returning calls at all is not a way to get more business, but not even the most conscientious investor is available to return every call immediately, especially if he or she also holds a job, which many of us do.

And don’t forget Bill Bronchick’s theory – if they don’t call at least twice, they’re not a motivated seller and he doesn’t return the call until and unless they do call back.

All of my calls go to voice mail, where I have a detailed description of what I’m looking for. I use that as part of my screening, precisely so I don’t waste a lot of time talking to those sellers looking for something I can’t or won’t offer.

Of course, I do make every attempt to return messages within 24 hours. And it helps that there’s really no one else in my town doing what I do. Perhaps if there was more competition, I’d look at it differently, but I have a hard time finding fault with investors who may not be instantly available.

However, I do concur that failing to return messages at all - or many days/weeks later – is unprofessional and sloppy.

Brian (NY)

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