Anyone heard of the $25,000 Tax Lien Advise - Posted by Carmen Doucette

Posted by Carmen Doucette on February 13, 2002 at 08:40:44:

I forgot to mention that they asked me to send them $39.99 for an introductory package so I could read about their program, which of course I did not. Rest assure I was not about to let go of $25,000 to a telemarketing company, specially one who is secretive about their “successful” investors. I was just curious to know if anyone else had hear about them. Thanks for the advise in the event that I became delirious one day and gave it another thought :slight_smile:

Anyone heard of the $25,000 Tax Lien Advise - Posted by Carmen Doucette

Posted by Carmen Doucette on February 12, 2002 at 17:46:49:

On their Web Site TDP Advisors advertise the following:

“Our core management team has extensive knowledge in building businesses, consulting with and coaching fledging entrepreneurs, while providing financial advice in the purchase of distressed properties. Including but not limited to; tax lien and deed certificates, mortgage notes, foreclosures and more. …”

I have been contacted by TDP advisors twice. The first time they offered theirs services to me for $15,000 this time for $25,000. They were so pushy and unprofessional the first time that I almost called the BBB to check on them. This time I’m just curious if anyone else has heard from them or knows about them. I asked how many “students” they had in the state of Texas and they claim to have 7 students in Texas (3 in the Houston area). I asked if I could speak to one of them to get a reference on the company, but they said that people in this business do NOT like to help each other and they DON’T like to tell others what they are doing for fear of competition. TDP must not have heard of this site, or maybe Creonline is just a figment of my imagination :wink:

They finally said that if I proofed to them I had $25,000 they would let me talk to one of their students. I just don’t feel comfortable sharing my finances with someone who feel uncomfortable sharing their references.

Just curious if anyone else heard of them!!

Carmen Doucette

Re: Anyone heard of the $25,000 Tax Lien Advise - Posted by Randy

Posted by Randy on March 12, 2003 at 11:10:42:

I just received a call from you of their telemarketers. It started with an email I received yesterday entitled ?Buy Realestate with our Money?. I went to their web site and entered contact information? today I got the call. The deal now is PAY $50.00 for their ?MEDIA PAK? to answer all your questions, and later in the week a ?Manager will call me to qualify me to give them $25,000.00…Not!

aaRe: Anyone heard of the $25,000 Tax Lien Advise - Posted by ‘BJ’_AL

Posted by ‘BJ’_AL on February 13, 2002 at 02:57:49:

Carmen, I have ‘never heard’ of them…but, better judgement yells-out, “STAY-CLEAR” of them!!! Just sit for a moment, read and think about ‘your post’.

Be objective, if someone else had written the same post that you wrote, and you were reading it…doesn’t it open your eyes?

$25,000 is a lot of money! There so many other different & better ways that you could ‘use and leverage’ your money! Don’t throw it away!!!

Just ‘my opinon’, please…THINK!

‘BJ’_ AL