any net resources for mobile...... - Posted by BoB L.

Posted by DougO(NM) on May 07, 1999 at 13:38:53:

None that I know of off hand. I use a company called Lane McDuff for most of my supplies: They are located in several locations, call corporate at 1-800-792-1030 and ask for the location nearest you and ask them for a catalog. As for inspection sheets, I just use one that was made a for a house. It lists specific area such as exterior, roof, front entrance, rear entrance, living room, ktchen, bed 1, bed 2, bed 3, Bath 1, Bath 2 etc. Each of these has space for floor, ceiling, walls, windows, etc. We just make a punch list for each of these areas and then get pricing from the catalog. Items such as painting, carpet, tile, etc. you shold be able to get from a local installer/sales location in terms of a per sq. ft cost installed.
Anymore, I don’t really even bother. We just take measurements, order the carpet and tile, new windows if needed, etc. TIP: always replace the toilets with low flow models, put in new faucets, shower diverters, and water saving shower heads.etc. It is worth it and I suggest you use Delta or Peerless, not the el cheapo MH ones. Also, replacing the old funky Crank MH Windows with new vertical or horizontal sliders takes about as much time and is about as cost effective as replacing broken glass. It also helps on the resale.
We also started using a carpet that is made out of recycled plastic beverage containers, it is supposed to be pretty good in high traffic low maintenance environments. Hope that helps.


PS I just opened up a mailing and got this for what it is worth: The Foremost Mobile Home Fix-It guide is available for $19.95 1-800-853-7119 also the is a free parts catalog at 1800-320-7287 form Mobile Home Advantage

any net resources for mobile… - Posted by BoB L.

Posted by BoB L. on May 07, 1999 at 10:44:55:

hi folks:
Does anybody know of internet resources for costing a mobile home rehab project ? I don’t have much time to research today. A quick scan of my favorite search-engines did’t turn up what I was looking for.What I’m interested in, is a stock inspection sheet,that can also be used to estimate repair cost. Any help ?

BoB L.