Another D@mned Insurance Lesson - Posted by Jimmy

Posted by JT-IN on April 02, 2007 at 15:33:15:

From a friend of mine… One of his all time best lines…

This the way he starts the conversation with his Ins Agent… Which one is it, M., N. or O…? Meaning with one of the fine print will tell me that this loss is NOT covered… para m, n or o…?

As a general rule, from an insurance perspective, unless the water comes through the roof, any other entry is a non-covered event. Unless as you say Jimmy, you have FL ins…

Another D@mned Insurance Lesson - Posted by Jimmy

Posted by Jimmy on April 02, 2007 at 14:26:16:

I have a talent for encountering uninsured perils. Here’s the latest:

heavy rains in East TX over weekend. mini-mudslide put 8 inches of mud into one of my properties. damages not tallied up yet, but will be more than insurance deductible. called insurance man. not covered. I would have to carry flood insurance. but this property is not in any known flood zone, so I don’t have it.

ironically, this house sits across the street from 4 other properties, which are in a flood zone, and for which I do carry FI. and naturally, they were unaffected by the heavy rains…

Re: Another D@mned Insurance Lesson - Posted by Rich

Posted by Rich on April 06, 2007 at 19:31:21:

You say that the damage is from a mudslide. I can tell you from having a slide behind my house that the flood insurance would not have mattered. Earth movement is alway excluded from insurance policies. The only reason we in CA have earthquake is that the state requires it be offered if you want to do business here. The assumption with slides is that you should have adequate drainage to take the water away from where it would be a problem. This is different from a flood where the water is what causes the damage.