annoying phone calls - Posted by tampasteph

Posted by Ken (in Iowa) on October 20, 2003 at 22:31:49:

I’ll check things out tomorrow. I really appreciate your detailed answer!

Ken (in Iowa)

annoying phone calls - Posted by tampasteph

Posted by tampasteph on October 20, 2003 at 13:39:19:

I have a house currently that I’m trying to sell on a l/o. Here’s an example of the type of calls I have been getting:

Me: Hello

Them: Hi I was calling about the house for rent.

Me: Actually it’s rent to own, sir.

Them: Oh, OK, well I’d like to set up an appointment to look at it.

Me: It’s located at 123 Main St, why don’t you take a drive by first and see if you’re interested.

Them: I’m on a cell phone and just drove by it, and I’m interested.

ME: OK, there’s someone there now doing some painting, they would be happy to show it to you.

THEM: Ok, can you tell me where it’s located.

ME: I thought you just drove by it.

THEM: I did, I’m interested in renting it to own.

ME: ??? (baffled silence)

THEM: So, where is it located?

ME: Didn’t you just drive by and see it?


ME: Well, that’s where it’s located.

THEM: Oh, OK. I’ll stop by and take a look.

Interactive Voicemail… - Posted by JT-IN

Posted by JT-IN on October 20, 2003 at 15:14:56:


Will cut out 99% of those annoying calls… I have been using one for the past 9 months ande life is sure lots better when I have something for sale… which is most of the time.

I have a dedicated local number which is on each sign or ad… There is a narrative on the vm that lists the property address and they can hit 1 thru 8 depending upon what they are calling on… then they listen to a complete description of the house, etc, and at the end they can leave a message if they like… Then the message is emailed to me… which I then sit at my computer and listen to… and if hey sound like someone that I want to call back, then I do… at my liesure. No more interuptions and rediculous phone calls…

I highly recommend a system that will allow you to interactively communicate on your terms, and reduce frustration to you… A small price to pay all for $ 50 bucks per month… (I’m sure it is not the cheapest service of it’s kind, either).


Re: annoying phone calls - Posted by Brian Powers (MI)

Posted by Brian Powers (MI) on October 20, 2003 at 13:51:00:

they are the same people as all of us at some point just starting out…reading off the script that came with their course. i weed them out by asking first off if they intend to personally live in the home. when they say yes, i say “just so we understand each other, you are going to live there, you’re not going to be subletting the home out, correct? because i must be honest and tell you i am only interested in leasing to an owner occupant and if you’re an investor there simply isnt enough room in the deal for 2 of us to make money”.
by then, they usually come clean if they are an investor and not an owner occupant.

Re: Interactive Voicemail… - Posted by Ken (in Iowa)

Posted by Ken (in Iowa) on October 20, 2003 at 19:47:44:

Hi, JT-IN,

First off, thanks for all of your comments on this site. Second, how did you find your interactive voice mail provider? I have called all of the local listings under “Voice Mail” in the Yellow Pages and none of them offers this type of service. I noticed that you said you have a local number. That’s exactly what I’d like to get set up - a local number with several boxes depending upon whether the caller is a seller or a buyer, and which particular property s/he is interested in if a buyer.

Any direction you can offer would be appreciated!

Ken (in Iowa)

Re: Interactive Voicemail… - Posted by JT-IN

Posted by JT-IN on October 20, 2003 at 20:36:00:


Thanks for the kind words…

“How did I find the vm service”…

I searched online and ran accross quite a few, and then narrowed it down from there as to who could offer the features that I needed. There are quite a few who offer a local number, even though they are out of town… In this case, the service that offered what I wanted, (flexibility), didn’t offer a local number in my area… (thye do in many, many areas, just not mine). What I had to do in order to use a local number, in lieu of a toll free number, was to acquire a local business number whihc doesn’t ring at my office. It is something like an “off-site” njumber… That number is then forwarded via a toll free number to Kansas City, MO, where the VM system is physically located…

There were a few hoops to jump through and if I had kept looking I could have possibly solved these dilemmas less expensively, but time was more valuable than the cost issue at the time.

Essentially the VM system was able to build a software program that allows for an answer greeting, which goes like this:

You have reached our automated attendent. If you are calling about a house for sale, press 1 NOW… (pause)… If you are facing foreclosure and are interested in the many ways to “STOP the SHERIFF”, press 2 NOW, (press); if you have a house to sell and need a fast CASH closing, press 3 NOW…

Menu 1, about a house for sale, then describes addresses… e.g. If you are calling aboout 123 Main, press 1, 456 Green St, press 2, the Firehouse, press3, etc., etc… Then each property you press then has a recorded desciption, and following that you can leave a message… which then arrives to me via email within about 5 to 10 minutes…

Should you have an interest in listening to the VM recording you can access it via 513-891-7989. No charge for test drives… unless I can sell you a property… Watch out there… LOL

There are no doubt cheaper services, but the one that I selected does everything that I need, at what I thought was a “fair price”. The company is Access Direct, in Kansas City, MO. Their number is 913-599-6500, and I think I dealt with John… and also “CC”
Their website is:

Hope this helps… and good luck.