Alvin TX investors (long) - Posted by Charlie - TX

Posted by Jim IL on June 10, 2001 at 23:54:17:

You can see that I am not from your area, but I do have an idea for you.
Why not run an ad in the newspaper looking for rehabbers?
Make it simple, and yet have it designed to attract those people to whom you can wholesale homes/contracts to.
I did this when I started, and it worked for me.
I made a nice list of CASH buyers, and there buying criteria.
My ad was something like this;
“Do you buy homes for cash?
Can you close FAST?
If so, call xxx-xxx-xxxx
Rehabbers and investors welcomed”

You may change the text up a bit to suit your needs.

You may also check to see if there is a home remodelers club in the area, and/or talk to the city employees who issue building permits and the like.
They would surely know if there are any active rehabbers in the area.
And check with local insurance agents as well.
They are surely writing policies for rehabbers, and maybe even a bank loan officer, or president would know.
You could even run a “Ghost ad” in the paper for a home you do not have yet. (Although I prefer not to, some say this works.)
Like this;
Cheap, cash
Must sell FAST

And when people call, tell them that this particular home has sold already, but you are always seeking out others and would be happy to call them when you get one.
Then ask the callers what there buying criteria is, whether they can close quick or not etc.

Jim IL

Alvin TX investors (long) - Posted by Charlie - TX

Posted by Charlie - TX on June 10, 2001 at 23:32:50:

Hello everybody:)

Just a few quick things tonight.

I will be starting my scout/bird dog, flipping business here in a few months, and was wondering are there any rehabbers here in this small Texas town? I am interested with trying to stay within the Alvin area because I have spent most of my life here and really enjoy the town itself.

But I have noticed that it is hard to find a lawyer here who tends to investors. There are no known REI clubs so far that I have found nor do any of the CPA’s seem to understand what I am talking about. But I am not going to quit yet. with 20,000 people in the Alvin area, and about the same in the pearland area I know someone is rehabbing these homes.

Any information you all can give me will be of great help.

P.S. I have noticed that there are two REI clubs in the Houston area, may someone please give me a bit of info on what the meetings are about and so on, I think I am going to have to visit one of theme soon because this stuff gets me excited:)

Everyone take care and thank you all for the nice responses to my other few post. Good Luck to everyone and if you are in Houston stay dry.

Thank You Charlie - TX

Re: Alvin TX investors (long) - Posted by Jim Kennedy - Houston, TX

Posted by Jim Kennedy - Houston, TX on June 11, 2001 at 07:13:10:


I’ve sent you an e-mail with information about the local REI clubs.

As for rehabbers that work the Alvin and Pearland areas, give me a call and I’ll give you some names and phone numbers.

Hope this helps.

Best of Success!!

Jim Kennedy,
Houston, TX