Alarm System for Rental Properties - CHEAP! - Posted by Steve

Posted by Steve on June 27, 2001 at 11:23:36:

I responded to another post with what follows and decided it might be some good information for anyone. This works for income properties or your own residence, here goes:
Some companies offer free alarm systems and installation when you sign up. To get their service for half-price, schedule an in-home demonstration but DO NOT SIGN UP, let the salesman leave without a contract. At the end of the demonstration, they will go into high-pressure mode and even call their “office” to get a better deal just to get you to sign up. I must stress again that in order for you to get half price monitoring, the salesperson must NOT walk away with a signed contract. After a few days the marketing division will call your home offering a few “freebies” to sign up, don’t fall for it. About 2-3 weeks after the in-home demonstration, the marketing company will make one more desperate attempt to save the sale, only this time they will offer HALF-PRICE, here is where you sign up and now you have a free alarm system and installation as well. Using this method should save you a few hundred dollars per year.
The installer will also try to sell you “add-ons” at the time of installation - these prices are not cast in stone either and you should very easily be able to get at least a 30% savings on any add-on equipment you think is necessary - keep negotiating until you get at minimum the 30% off. I know one alarm company in particular that operates in this fashion and I believe is nationwide, without being specific - it rymes with “entry”… Pick up your phone book, look under the heading of “alarms”, and now check out the companies that start with “S”.

Good Luck