Advice Wanted! FSBO Calls.. - Posted by Dan

Posted by Richard on November 18, 1998 at 20:31:43:

Maybe your first question to them should be
"have you been pre-qualified by a lender?"
That would weed out most ‘tire kickers’.

You said its ‘below market’ I think
the market has yet to speak since it
hasn’t been sold yet.


Advice Wanted! FSBO Calls… - Posted by Dan

Posted by Dan on November 15, 1998 at 15:09:14:

Hi: We have an ad out that is getting responses. When we answer the phone they ask about terms and conditions, which are 117,950 if you get a mortgage, or 120,000 with 15K down for owner contract. That seems to be where it ends. So far we have not had any offers. We have researched the price,and it is below market.

Any suggetions are appreciated.

Re: Advice Wanted! FSBO Calls… - Posted by phil fernandez

Posted by phil fernandez on November 15, 1998 at 17:08:57:


What does your ad say? The wording of the ad may have alot to do with the type of calls and response you get.

Also someone could get a mortgage with 5% down or under $6,000, why would they be willing to pay $15,000. Of course if they are not bankable at this time they would be interested in your offer to owner finance, but not a lot of people have $15,000 hanging around for your downpayment requirement. There are alot more buyers out there that are looking for owner financing with $5,000 down.