"ADVERTISING" - Posted by Dan(IN)

Posted by Steve on July 07, 2001 at 10:09:14:

Hey Dan, I also live In Indy, I would write, “Retailers Special” then the Info about the property, It’s short and targeted. If you have any questions In the future feel free to email me.

“ADVERTISING” - Posted by Dan(IN)

Posted by Dan(IN) on July 06, 2001 at 22:18:04:

Got this sweet deal for a retailer to make a nice profit. Need some help in verbage of the ad to run in the paper. What certain words will grab a retailer’s attention. Here’s the info:
3/1 Ranch slab,
large lot w/detached
2-car garage, conveniant
to everything
Any help appreciated.
Thanks, Dan(IN)

Profit sells the deal - Posted by Monique

Posted by Monique on July 07, 2001 at 14:02:03:


I’m not a wholesaler, but I’d recommend focusing less on the features of the house. Focus more on the fact that the deal is cheap. Everything else is irrelevant until a buyer knows the numbers are worthwhile.

Try something like
Will sell for $XXk for
cash and a quick sale.

If it’s a nice, well-known neighborhood, mention that in the ad too. That way, if you’re selling $40K - $50K under market, your buyers will immediately recognize it.

For the expert on wholesaling and writing ads to attract retailers, do a search on posts written by Steve Cook. I’m sure he’s posted the ad he uses on more than one occassion.