Accelerate yourself towards FREEDOM - Posted by Jim Rayner

Posted by Jim Rayner on November 06, 2000 at 10:59:13:

I began investing 24 years ago and lost it all twice. Four years ago my dad and I picked the remaining pieces and started over one more time. During the first 36 months we had acquired and rehabbed 11- 2 bedroom condominiums that we decided to hold for long-term rental income. We at this point became stuck in a rut that we thought was insurmountable. While the cash flow could support one us we both could not retire from the rat race so we both continued to work fulltime.

In August 1998 I had the pleasure of spending 3 days with Terry Vaughan and Ed Garcia. They opened my eyes and provided me an opportunity to understand the bigger picture. I realized that my game plan was too inflexible and that I had structured my business in such a fashion that it made sense that I was stuck in a rut. Needless to say that weekend the whole game plan changed and now it changes continuously but the long-term goal of Freedom has not changed.

The road map to that success is constantly changing and we continuously reroute our business based on and the market conditions, evaluating every opportunity both on its individual merits as well as its contribution to the overall success of the business. Every move, being carefully picked.

During the next nine months after that week end we restructured our debt service freeing up equity to take down 2 major deals on multi- unit properties going from 11 units to 32 over a period of 60 days in months 8 and nine. Today Dad has retired from his JOB and manages the rehabs and my 27 year old son has come on board fulltime. I still work fulltime managing the maintenance of 64 public buildings at the local University but expect that I too will retire from that job following the next few major deals sometime next fall.

Our current project is 16 units to be converted to condominiums. This brings our current holdings to 46 as we have sold some off this year. The current overall goal remains targeted for least 100 additional units. With our current ability to take down most any size deal we continue to search for the ideal opportunities to make deals.

What will happen in year 6 has not been determined but I can tell you that we will have found our FREEDOM.

In just 2 weeks you have the opportunity to spend a weekend with Ed Garcia and Terry Vaughan and learn what these two experts have to share with you. The knowledge they will impart upon you, should you decide to use it, can catapult you towards successful attainment of FREEDOM. Are you ready to make the sacrifices of: a week-end your life, the time necessary to fully benefit from the 3 months of personal mentoring that comes with the workshop, the risk of getting out of your comfort zone, and making a serious effort to find your FREEDOM ?

If you?re ready, check out the banner ad getting lenders fighting to give you money. Call Ed or Terry and see if you qualify for this advanced program. I?ve heard rumors that there might be a surprise for those attending.

PS??? I?m looking forward to meeting you there.