A Way to Avoid High Maintenance Costs... - Posted by Sebastian

Posted by Donald Nederman on July 16, 2001 at 22:13:02:

If you can afford it, when you purchase your appliances get warranties on them as well. I know a neighbor who has rental property and does that. It is also tax deductible.

A Way to Avoid High Maintenance Costs… - Posted by Sebastian

Posted by Sebastian on July 13, 2001 at 14:36:48:

Fellow Investors,

Wanted to pass along a little nugget that I haven’t heard in any of the courses that I’ve purchased nor attended…

When we bought our first home, we received as part of the deal a Home Warranty (From AHS American Home Shield-THE largest provider…) This warranty was at a minimal cost of $350 per year. Since purchasing that home, the military transferred us out of state. We were now the proud owners of our first investment property! =)

Within 45 days of us putting the house up for rent, the HVAC system completely failed! Within another 90 days the stove also decided to quit working… That also was covered… Needless to say, the Home Warranty paid for itself! Also, the cost of the warranty was a tax write off on our Schedule E!

Are y’all beginning to see the advantages of having a Home Warranty?? This could have caused great financial burden on my family (at the time that all of this occurred, we were living month-to-month on a very tight income and also living on base/post…) Needless to say we didn’t have any “extra” funds allocated for major repairs.

Hope this helps…

Here’s a link for AHS. No, I’m not getting a dime for referrals… =) http://www.ahssales.com/

(Check out the FAQ section, this is primarily for RE professionals, but the parent web site: http://www.homeshield.com/ has info for regular home owners…)

Wishing you the best for your success, Sebastian