A Thanksgiving Thought for the day.... - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by jadair on November 23, 2000 at 21:17:34:


A Thanksgiving Thought for the day… - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on November 23, 2000 at 11:44:19:

Here is something I came upon that I thought was beautiful, and wanted to
share it with you on this THANKSGIVING Holiday?.

Very little of my life’s possessions will stand the test of time. Most of them
will eventually be worn, cracked, lost or sold to someone who probably never
even knew my name. Some may be kept and cherished as family heirlooms,
hopefully with a story that tells the future generation about the past. But
the time I invest today in my family, in my friends, in those I love, will
never be wasted or lost. For the time and energy invested in loving others
truly has timeless qualities.

There’s only one gift in all the world that can be given by me alone, only
one gift I can give that is truly unique. That is the gift of my love, my
life’s memories, captured and preserved and passed on to the people I love.
Memories ~ Only I can preserve the timeless treasure of what I have lived,
what I have experienced, what I have learned, and who I have loved. My
love has the capacity to shape memories, to shape souls. This is my legacy.
It is the tea parties I have with my granddaughter, Sierra, that will make
her inherited teacups precious. It is not the teacup itself, but the memory
in her heart that will last a lifetime, . . . and beyond if she continues this
tradition. It is the love I give Sierra & Kaiya now at a young, tender age,
that will linger into their adult years. It is the stories I tell them that will
make them want to pass my stories along to their children. It is the
traditions that we have shared as our children were growing up that they
carry into the future. My legacy becomes their legacy through the stories,
the memories, the traditions that will transcend time. It is what I do today
that determines what becomes of my life and my name tomorrow.

Every day, then is a timeless treasure.

The Gift of Love is far more beautiful, far more valuable, that any
priceless material heirloom because it gives me the opportunity to invest in
the “Hearts” and “Souls” of the people I love.

And that’s true for you, too.

This day is the greatest treasure you will ever own. It is a glorious gift
from God above. So hold it close. Learns its lessons. Share it’s happiness.
Inhale its fragrance. Touch the soul of someone with love and grace. Gather
those you love within your arms, and say “I LOVE YOU.” Believe it is a
Bountiful Blessing from the Lord above. Believe it is the treasure of tomorrow.

And then let it go.

It will live well beyond a lifetime. It will become a treasured memory, your
legacy, as you walk forward, step by step, into eternity.

God’s Richest Blessing upon you this Thanksgiving