2 questions - Posted by Philip

Posted by gary on November 16, 2003 at 08:53:37:

Workload reduction? What is that? Maybe I am due for one too, and if YOU!!! are getting one, I WANT!!! one. Where do I apply? Is it a government entitlement?

2 questions - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on November 11, 2003 at 22:22:10:

  1. Do older mobiles with on-board furnaces usually have duct work that just drops out the bottom of the furnace and then runs the length of the home?
    That is what I found on the one I have now. It is a 1981.

  2. Would you purchase, with investors money and knowledge and support, 1 - 14 X 70’, and 1- 14 X 80 in fair shape needing moderate to minor work with winter coming on?

I have a chance at a ,93 repo and ,79 trade-in for 8k or less for the pair. This purchase would be from a local dealer.

He threw one good deal my way before.

But why isn’t he retailing these?
Has his business slowed for the cold months? We haven’t had a hard freeze yet. No temps below about 30.

I know he occasionally lonnie deals. He said he just didn’t want to fool with these 2. One would stay put, the newer one would have to move.
I can find a spot for the newer one.
Think I can fill these before February?

Any past experience would be helpfull,

Re: 2 questions - Posted by Lyal

Posted by Lyal on November 12, 2003 at 08:09:37:

The ductwork coming out the bottom is standard in mobile homes. You’ll also find the water supply line hugged up against the ductwork to keep it from freezing.

As to the ones you can buy…price sounds ok to me in my market, not sure about yours. What can you sell them for?

The decision would hinge on how soon you could have them fixed up and what your holding costs would be for the duration.

Tax return time is right around the corner. Many of the people we deal with use Uncle Sam as a kind of “forced” savings account and get back a couple thousand when they file taxes which makes for a decent down payment. They’ll start getting refunds middle of January or so which looks pretty close to what your time line would be for getting these to market.

As to why your seller isn’t retailing the homes, couldn’t tell ya. Don’t be second guessing. Look the homes over really well, pencil out what your investment would be for the home (including moving costs for the one. Will he throw that in?), repairs, holding costs etc and make a deal that makes sense for you.

All the best, Lyal

Re: 2 questions - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on November 12, 2003 at 13:31:22:

I just didn’t know about the ductwork. First time I had actually really looked around under one.
You are right about the January/February timeline and that was when I got a good start last year.
I am NOT a motivated buyer anymore and will make these people help me with the move of the 2nd mobile or no dice on the other mobile, which they really don’t want to Lonnie deal on because it is too far from them.

I am tired enough with work and the land/home deal that I am just grouchy enough to negotiate more effectively than in the past.

Nestle seems to think that selling morsels, Libby pumpkin, Carnation Evaorated milk, candy, etc…is really important this time of year. I just cant understand why!? It might have something to do with 80% of their annual baking goods sales taking place in a 3 week period of time. (Right Now!)
I also have my annual work evaluation Monday…so it is a really fun week at my house!
Steve has mentioned things that will make you want to “stab yourself in the eye”…I may be having a month like that!


Re: 2 questions - Posted by Ed C (CA)

Posted by Ed C (CA) on November 12, 2003 at 20:30:10:

All the MHs that I have seen that have Forced Air Heating/Air Conditioning have Down Flow furances. Meaning: The furance blows air down to the under floor ducts and thru out MH. Then returning to furance to be recirulated again & again! Good luck with work evaluation. I really hated them!!!

Re: 2 questions - Posted by Philip

Posted by Philip on November 13, 2003 at 06:47:24:

Hey! Thanks a lot…I am a rookie at this furnace stuff. And I hope my evaluation goes good too. I am finally getting a workload reduction…so at least they know I am working hard…or they wouldn’t reduce it!